FUTURE TIME TRAVELLER - Transforming career guidance on future skills, jobs and career prospects of Generation Z through a game based virtual reality platform

FUTURE Time Traveller is a European project that aims at transforming career guidance of generation Z through an innovative, games-based scenario approach and to prepare the next generation for the jobs of the future. 

Our objectives are to:

  • Foster innovation thinking and future-oriented mindset of young people – through an innovative game-based virtual reality that will help them explore the future world, understand the trends that shape the future world of work, the emerging jobs, the skills they will require;
  • Enhance the innovation capacity of career guidance practitioners and experts – with methodology, workshops, contest and e-book of best practices for innovative career services;
  • Give impetus to innovation and future-oriented career guidance policies, making use of innovative technologies and learning methods and labour market intelligence – with policy studies and impact evidence report.

To achieve this, in the next 3 years we will implement the following activities:

In 2018 we will conduct a policy mapping study “Future-looking career guidance agenda – preparing young people for future jobs through innovative career services”. The study will focus on 3 critical factors: young people’s awareness about future jobs; career guidance practitioners’ capacity for innovation; and the role of policy support for sustainable, quality, innovative career guidance development. The findings of the study will be presented during seminars for policy makers in the end of the year. Meanwhile, we will start the elaboration of the virtual reality platform, and the methodology for game-based scenario development.

In 2019, after testing and piloting, the platform and methodology will be presented in demonstration events and creative workshops on developing scenarios for innovative career guidance. We will organize competition for innovative career guidance services and Facebook contest for young people Time Capsule “Jobs of the Future”.

In 2020 we will elaborate E-book with the best practices of innovative career services and prepare a policy evidence report about the project outcomes. All products will be gathered in a FUTURE Roadmap report which will help mainstream the project approach, methodology and policy messages. The project results will be presented in final events in all partners’ countries.

The FUTURE partnership involves 7 acknowledged organizations in the areas of career guidance, learning innovations and technology development, supported by more than 30 associate partners -public institutions and forward-thinking organizations across Europe. Meet our team!