FUTURE TIME TRAVELLER - Transforming career guidance on future skills, jobs and career prospects of Generation Z through a game based virtual reality platform

After conducting technical tests within the consortium, it is time for a pilot implementation. The purpose of this stage was to verify, among people not related to the project – both young people and professionals – the methodology adopted by the consortium to create scenario-based educational games. For this purpose, a two separate surveys directed to two groups of users . During the pilot implementation carried out in 7 countries belonging to the consortium, 81 young people were involved and detailed opinions on the usefulness of the platform were obtained from 56 experts in the field of vocational guidance.

In the first study, we allowed young people to completely immerse themselves in the created virtual world and with a critical eye look from the player’s perspective on the finished product. Almost 80% of survey participants said they had a positive or very positive game experience. Participation in the adventure prepared by us gave them a lot of fun and the presented method of acquiring knowledge and its verification meant that most of the test participants would gladly use such a platform to diversify the education process, e.g. as a homework (58%) or in classroom (65%). Particularly important for us is the fact that after traveling with us in time, as many as 69% of players said that their attitude to their future has changed. The chart below shows that in all areas we verify, users’ awareness of future challenges related to career development and work has increased and the game itself has allowed them to arm them with the necessary tools to face it.

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Tests among players also allowed us to verify the level of playability of each mission, which led to some adjustments in the game itself. In some places we have modified or shortened texts and made quiz corrections.

Equally important was the study conducted among professionals during bilateral meetings and demo events in all countries of project members. Among the invited guests were vocational guidance practitioners, experts, members of governmental institutions related to education, representatives of vocational guidance associations, coaches, teachers at all levels.

The response from people who deal professionally with the issues raised in the project on a daily basis was overwhelmingly positive. According to professionals, Future Time Traveller is a platform that, thanks to the combination of a safe environment of the virtual world and adventure, is an innovative and absorbing educational offer. 99% of experts believe that the player has an active role in the game and that an interesting way of presenting content encourages young people to complete the entire adventure. At the same time, among experts, as much as 75% of answers suggested that the game is not template and allows you to adapt to different learning styles of players. The gameplay itself offers interesting ways of presenting information and transferring knowledge when it is needed. Professionals also saw the potential of the platform as an educational tool that can be adapted to any educational issue. Over 90% of experts said that the way tasks are organized and the platform structure allows its use also outside the Future project.

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The experts commented not only about the platform itself, but also about the content proposed in the game and its usefulness for young people. Also in this case, the responses were mostly positive. Young people, thanks to the adventure and their active role in it, gain appropriate knowledge about changes in the labour market, new jobs and required skills, and the importance of their active role in

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We are very proud of what we have achieved so far in the project. In the way we adopted, we are confirmed by the results of surveys and opinions of participants of demonstration events:

The project is just on time, cause the future is already here.”

“The project has the potential to fill the gap between education and practical demands of the economy and industry.“

“Very innovative, accessible, useful, meaningful and with a lot of energy put in it.”

“A very successful reminder that the career guidance needs to look forward to the future and to support young people and adults to develop their skills for facing the unknown, not to be afraid of it, and to use it as a source of inspiration and creativity.”

We are interested in your opinion on our project. Please fill out the form that will allow us to better assess the impact of the FUTURE Time Traveller Project –https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IHdChYfgDPVwwIrY8nGkZgwbwPCDsUOfFU-2ltuwn7E/edit?usp=drive_open