Demonstration video of the Future Time Traveller platform

Here you can find anything you need to know about the FUTURE Time Traveller Platform:

You will have to play a game with 7 missions.  Here is what you will learn after completing each mission:

Mission 1 Indentify credible sources of information on new jobs; expand analytical skills in relation  to the use of information
Mission 2 Gain knowledge and understanding of labour market developments;
Mission 3 Receive information on the skills required in the future; sensitive to labour market trends; take on different perspectives
Mission 4 Become aware of social challenges of digitisation; develop a positive attitude toward the future.
Mission 5 Enhance critical skills in assessing professional decisions
Mission 6 Support creativity innovation and entrepreneurial spirit represent career choices before others supported in making decisions regarding career choices by appropriate information, recognize career opportunities
Mission 7 Recognize responsibility and own active role and opportunity to shape own lives; recognize need for cooperation

Are you ready to play?

The first step is to create your avatar. To do so click here

Then you have to download and install the proper viewer so as to have access to the virtual world

Take a look of at the manual or view  video1 & video2

See you in the FUTURE!!!

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