FUTURE TIME TRAVELLER - Umwandlung der Berufsberatung für zukünftige Fähigkeiten, Berufe und Karriereaussichten der Generation Z durch eine spielbasierte Virtual Reality Plattform



ZOOM video recording from the event

Demonstration video of the Future Time Traveller platform

It’s three years now since the start of this forward-looking project FUTURE and we are extremely proud with the results it has produced. The project aims to foster innovation and future-looking mindset in career guidance practitioners, experts and young people.

The initiative is funded by the European Commission and involves 7 recognized organizations from all parts of Europe: the Business Foundation for Education in Bulgaria, the Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus“ (CTI) in Greece, the Italian permanent learning center CIAPE, the European Board for Certified Counselors based in Portugal, the University of Lodz in Poland, the Innovation in Learning Institute in Germany and Aspire-Igen group in the UK.

In the last 3 years:

  • We conducted a field research, analysing the needs of young people and career guidance practitioners, and an exhaustive literature review of the most current and influential reports.
  • We produced a detailed policy mapping report, which identifies the main trends, challenges, existing good practices, and gaps in future-looking career guidance.
  • We presented these findings at policy seminars with more than 200 stakeholders to sensitize them about the challenges, addressed by the project.
  • We created 7 original game scenarios, which introduce young people with the jobs of the future jobs and the transformations in society and labour market.
  • We launched the Future Time Traveller career platform in 7 languages. The platform represents a European innovation through the unique combination of highly interactive learning environment in 3D virtual world, the innovative game-based scenarios which “translate” the information about the jobs of the future taken from numerous reports into learning messages for the Generation Z.
  • We elaborated methodology for game-based learning and organized innovation workshops for career advisors.
  • We inspired career guidance practitioners from 13 countries to take part in our European competition and present 38 innovative career guidance tools.
  • In parallel, we also organized a contest for young people who submitted 93 ideas for jobs of the future.
  • We promoted the project in a large dissemination campaign in which we reached more than 80 000 individuals. It involved more than 70 events and activities; the project website Future-time-traveller.eu, which has reached more than 8 000 users and generated over 30 000 website views; as well as our Facebook page with more than 570 publications regarding the jobs of the future and innovative approaches to career guidance which attracted more than 1120 followers from more than 40
  • During the piloting and exploitation period, we collected evidence and assessed its impact of the platform on more than 730 individuals. 85% of the users report positive impact on career skills development. The missions in the game allow young people to explore the future world, understand the trends that shape the future labour market, the emerging jobs and the skills they will require. It fosters their decision-making and future-oriented career mindset.
  • Here are some comments shared by the participants:
    • “The game is interesting and futuristic, providing young people with useful information about new perspectives for professional areas in a contemporary and innovative world.”(career guidance expert, Portugal)
    • “A journey to the future of the career guidance” (career advisor, Bulgaria)
    • “The platform provides career guidance counselors a very friendly environment to introduce young people to the world of future jobs (career counselor, Poland)
    • “This was cool to play. I want to be a games developer.” (student, UK) “The project is just on time, because the future is already here.” (career advisor, Bulgaria).

    Recently, the Future Time Traveller platform – has received the special award for an innovative social platform at an international computer art forum and has been recognized as a good practice for social – emotional learning.

    The project rings the bell to career guidance experts and policy actors regarding the most urgent challenges that needs to be addressed:

    • Societies need to rethink education and prepare citizens for the jobs of the future.
    • The topics related to the job transformations and career skills need to be more adequately addressed in curriculum.
    • There is a vast need to develop and support career guidance innovation and
    • Career practitioners have to develop skills to better work with digital clients.

    The partnership has collated all major methodologies, findings, good practices and policy messages in the Future Roadmap report.

All developed resources will be freely available in 7 languages by the end of 2023 on the project website and on Facebook.

The partners have expanded significantly their know-how and integrated the developed know-how in their teaching curricula and tools. 3 of the partners have already started working on another project called CRAFT – Co-working in rural areas to prepare young people for the future trends. The new initiative will build upon the platform created in FUTURE and develop 3 new learning scenarios using game-based approach.

We are looking forward to new inspiring initiatives and collaborations!