Fostering future-looking career guidance – key policy messages from the FUTURE project

Author: CIAPE and BFE
Major policy implications

1. Establish a multi-stakeholder approach and a shared responsibility towards the fulfilment of future-looking career guidance needs of the Generation Z

The urgency of a paradigm shift from a silo to a systemic approach is hot on the skills and jobs’ discourse.
The Future calls for a new paradigm for young people, educators and leaders. It is not enough to show children HOW the world is changing. They need to understand WHY it is changing, WHAT kind of challenges and jobs it will bring, what type of SKILLS it will require. Career guidance services need to transform to GUIDANCE TO THE FUTURE and guidance and education policy – to LEADERSHIP FOR THE FUTURE.
However, a supporting and multiple ecosystem is an indispensable prerequisite towards the achievement of this result, and much still needs to be done when it comes to the homogenization of priorities and policy strategies of the single actors involved – namely policy makers, institutions, teachers and career experts, employers, but also families, individuals and the civil society as a whole.
In a more and more interconnected and interdependent world – as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” we are living in is – a variety of actors must be aware that changes to the education system often occur at a slower pace than those on the labour market, and that the education system needs to communicate better with the labour market to contribute to social equity and avoid generating skills gaps which contribute to increasing unemployment rates. Read More

The FUTURE partnership presented the results of the 3-year initiative during a European webinar, involving more than 90 participants.



ZOOM video recording from the event

Demonstration video of the Future Time Traveller platform

It’s three years now since the start of this forward-looking project FUTURE and we are extremely proud with the results it has produced. The project aims to foster innovation and future-looking mindset in career guidance practitioners, experts and young people.

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