Time Capsule “Jobs of the Future” contest     

To foster the active participation and empowerment of young people, the FUTURE consortium has launched the Time Capsule “Jobs of the Future” contest across the 7 partner countries for young people aged 13-19.

This contest encourages young people to explore their idea of what kind of future jobs, the challenges, skills and jobs that may appear. The participants can describe their ideas of future jobs in short text, 1 minute video or a short presentation. Winners will be awarded with solar charger, action camera and Bluetooth speakers.

The deadline is December 31st and the young people can participate either through the game or submit their ideas directly through the application form.

More information – http://future-time-traveller.eu/time-capsule-jobs-of-the-future/

European Competition for innovative career guidance tools and instruments

To support innovation in career guidance, by 31.12.2019 the FUTURE partnership launches a European Competition for innovative career guidance tools and instruments. The competition aims to enhance, recognize and promote good practices of innovative tools, interactive games, scenarios, methods, platforms and other digital and non-digital game-based instruments for career guidance, information and counseling. It is open for career guidance professionals from all European countries. The application is only via email by 31 December 2019.

Find out more information here – http://future-time-traveller.eu/competition-for-innovative-career-guidance-services/